Empowerment is realizing YOU are the one who needs to say the things you've waited your entire life to hear. You were built to save yourself & you are capable of more than you know.

Jessica Roscoe provides a wide variety of services that all encompass wellness & harmony. She is passionate about what she does and is compassionate towards others.

She holds some hefty credentials including: IPE Bikini Pro Champion, Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Competition Prep Coach & Posing Coach, Holistic Health Specialist, and Wellness/Life Coach. She is also a Psychic Medium, Healer, Empath, Lightworker, Starseed, & INFP. Her life purpose is to help others, mainly in living the healthiest, happiest, and best life possible - in every way.

Jessica is most passionate/specializes in: empowerment & building confidence, rising above hardships to gain peace & strength, self-care & self-love, being in tune with our vibrations, bikini competitions & posing, recovery from eating disorders & addictions, digestive health, auto-immune disorders, PCOS/hormonal imbalances, nutritional medicine & drastic transformations - whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or mental growth & life improvements. 

Jessica provides: full health consultations, personal training sessions, group training sessions, online training programming, nutritional counseling & meal plans set to each individual, wellness & life coaching including life advice & health/supplementation suggestions, and bodybuilding competition prep in all aspects: training, diet, posing, & support.

Jessica is pure, personable, kind, empathetic, calming, motivating, inspiring, supportive, & above all, GENUINE. She will do everything with your best interest & comfort in mind. She will never push anything upon anyone who isn't interested. - Your journey is ultimately up to you. 

"I crave to help my clients in whatever form needed & I love to watch their progress & confidence grow right before my eyes. I do not view my clients as such, but as family & friends. I treasure the relationships I've built with my past & present clients, and I look forward to the future souls I have yet to meet."

Jessica's story:


Jessica Roscoe is more than just your average Trainer, she is a Lightworker. - Placed here on this earth, for that particular reason - to spread her light, at a particular time when the world needs it the most.

EVERYTHING is connected.

Jessica always had this light within her, she just needed to find it. - it was not easy, but that's the beauty of it all.

..Flashback to 2011.. There is Jessica, weighing a mere 90 lbs on her 5'8" frame.. lying on the floor of her garage, paralyzed. Life-less. Literally unable to move, she lays there for hours until help finds her. Later, in the emergency room, she discovers how lucky she is to be alive. She is told that her levels of dehydration were so severe, that the doctors couldn't even fathom what they were seeing. & to think this made the ill-minded Jessica proud..

So how did Jessica Roscoe become the fitness guru she is today?


She began her journey to the light in the Winter of 2012 - the year she chose life over death.

An eating disorder had a severe hold on Jess for the majority of her life, only to deepen in severity as time went on, but she is a SURVIVOR & real-life proof that what you believe, you can achieve.

"Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it hope. Feed it truth. Feed it with love."

After 22 years of suffering in her own body, she decided she had enough. It was in that moment, her decision to LIVE shaped her destiny.

She started herself on her own type of treatment program, having had no luck at treatment facilities in the past. She began by simply forcing herself to eat something around every 3 hours. - and not only eat it, but finish it.


"I still remember sitting down to eat my very first real meal in years. It was yogurt with a banana and strawberries mixed in. I sat for well over an hour, with tears streaming down my face, watching winter's first snow fall. That was not only the beginning of a new season, but a new life."


"Sometimes when you're in a dark place you think you've been buried, but actually you've been planted."

Having never cooked a proper meal, or barely even ate one, Jessica had to literally teach herself how to eat from scratch. 

The obsession ruling her mind, switched

Instead of constantly researching eating disorders, she started to research things like: vitamins, recipes, fruits, vegetables, juicers, blenders, how to cook eggs, chicken, salmon, etc. 
When Jess goes all-in on something, she goes ALL-IN

Before she knew it, people were asking her for recipes & advice. She was thriving, but never felt satisfied unless challenged. So after a year of successful eating, Jess joined a gym for the very first time. 
(Although never a gym member until 2013, Jessica has an athletic background of 8+ years including soccer, volleyball, slow-pitch & fast-pitch softball, dance, and show choir. She was forced to quit all activity in 2009 due to her worsening eating disorder, but the athletic passion never died.)


She spent the year of 2013 in the gym & kitchen.


If Jess wasn't found in the gym or kitchen, she was found spending countless hours researching. Longing to find every piece of information there was to know about exercise & nutrition.

It wasn't long until she felt the need to be challenged again.. 

The beginning of 2014 is when she hired her first coach - Rollie Degrio, owner of Metroflex Gym MSP. She decided to take the leap and compete in her first bodybuilding competition. -best decision ever made.

"A competition prep is a beautiful life experience, and I highly suggest it to anyone considering it. It can sometimes get ugly, but just as stars cannot shine without darkness & flowers cannot grow without rain, humans cannot grow without pain. - Suffering drives us to achieve great things."


Jessica placed 1st in her very first Bodybuilding Competition. Since then, she has won four 1st place titles, three overalls, and three top 5's. She received her Pro-Card within her first year of competing at the 2014 NANBF Northern States Natural Classic. Six months later, at her pro-debut, she took home the first place title of Overall Bikini Champion at the IFPA Pro North American Champions, earning her spot to compete at the IFPA Yorton Cup World Champions.

But Jess will tell you..

"The Prize is in the process."

Jessica's knowledge & experience does NOT stop there. (spoiler alert: it never stops)


Take care of yourself first & the rest will follow.


After 2+ years of competing consistently, Jess knew it was time to rest and rejuvenate. She decided to shift her full focus over to her clients' needs and building her business. She spent the year of 2016 doing just that. All while having a blast spreading her light and changing the lives of all different kinds of incredible individuals. Jess was feeling fulfilled and at peace. 

It wasn't until the year of 2017 where things started to change..

Jessica started her year off with a bang! She was thriving in every way possible, and so was her business. Maybe even too much - as it began to take it's toll. Jess was in the gym training & posing clients for sometimes up to 14 hours a day - giving herself little-to-no breaks. If not with clients, she was diligently working away on meal plans and training programs. She had little-to-no time for her own workouts anymore, or meal prepping, or even sleep! Like a true ALL or NOTHING personality..

"B A L A N C E is the key to life."


..but Jessica's health started to decline.. She started to develop anxiety, irritability, depression, severe brain fog, memory loss, acne, flushing, allergies, bloating, acid reflux, nausea, food intolerances, skin rashes on stomach, joint pain, muscle cramps, injuries, severe vision difficulties, hot flashes, weight & muscle loss, etc.. the list goes on and on.

It was in the Spring that it finally became too much to handle & she was forced to shift her focus to healing herself instead of others. - Something that she had put on the back burner.

She spent the next 6 or so excruciating months in and out of multiple specialists' offices, performing blood test after blood test, MRI's, Ultrasounds, and even more blood tests, and still no answers.

Everyday you are either fighting disease or feeding it. - FOOD IS MEDICINE

The frustration of simply wanting a diagnosis, and instead only receiving antibiotics as a last resort this entire time was heartbreaking. - enough for some to give up - but Jessica is a fighter, so again she took this into her own hands.

She spent every waking free-minute she had researching - constantly reading & digging for more and more information on every topic related to her symptoms and some even not. Jessica will joke that this was her time spent in medical school. Throughout her extensive research, the holistic side of medicine was re-introduced into her life. 

(When Jessica first started eating post-anorexia in 2012, she ate solely clean, organic, pure, & high-vibrational foods. It wasn't until she was immersed in the bodybuilding industry that she started to dabble with artificial sweeteners, processed & packaged foods, meats, GMO's, simple sugar, etc.)



The Knowing

Jessica was slowly feeling better and better everyday, but she still longed for that diagnosis to "solve the mystery" so in the Fall of 2017, she visited a reliable doctor where she pushed for further testing of her hormones, & that is when she FINALLY received her long-awaited diagnosis - PCOS.


Jessica's hormones have never been quite normal due to her history of disordered eating. Looking back now, Jess can see how everything makes sense. - The only time in her life that she felt 100% healthy were the years of 2013-2015. - When she was exercising daily, getting proper sleep, and eating strictly clean, organic & high vibrational foods. Her health decline in 2017 was mainly due to the underlining PCOS - BUT the true cause was her high stress lifestyle change which involved lack of sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition, which caused her body to go into fight or flight response. 

Jess can now look back at this time in her life and smile. - Once viewed as a setback, now clearly seen as a breakthrough. - That catapulted her onto her true life path & fully awakened her entire being.

"You must put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others."

This experience is so important in Jessica's life path. - It taught her first-hand the importance of BALANCE & self-care, a lesson of which she will take with her for the rest of her life. - and more importantly, it taught her endless knowledge on the subject of the human body, specific diseases/disorders & their symptoms, causes, & cures - knowledge that will be forever growing as she continues to learn, and information that will be used to further assist others on their journey.

Ultimately, Jessica simply hopes that sharing her story will help inspire others to make positive life changes. She desires to spread her wisdom - and the truth behind how disordered eating & poor self-care truly have their life-long repercussions. - and how empowering it is to take control over your wellbeing.

CHAPTER 5 be continued..   ;)

Jessica specializes in:

  • The most important aspect: THE MIND
  • Building Confidence
  • Nutrition
  • Weight Loss & Muscle Gain - at the same time!
  • Competition Prep
  • NPC & NANBF Bikini Posing
  • Eating Disorder Recovery - all aspects: mental & physical
  • GUT HEALTH - the gut controls all
  • Digestive Disorders / SIBO & Candida
  • PCOS & Hormonal Imbalances
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Drug Addiction
  • Holistic Health, Nutrition & Alternative Medicine
  • HEALING - the mind, body, and spirit
  • Knowing

Fun Facts

Jessica possesses an eternal passion for the arts. She has been singing and playing the piano since the age of 5, and has a deep love for soul & jazz. She attended Totino-Grace High School in Fridley, MN strictly for their Choir & Show Choir programs. Where she was 1 of 4 freshman girls to make the nationwide-champion show choir group, and later traveled to & performed in Italy. She has made it to the 2nd round of auditions for NBC's The Voice - twice! Jessica has also always had a deep love for makeup artistry & hair styling, and she went on to attend Cosmetology School at Empire Beauty School in 2009. She also has a love for writing, drawing, and photography. Jessica started modeling at the age of 17 and continues to presently with Agency Models & Talent located in Minneapolis, now modeling fitness instead of fashion.

Included in Jessica's passions are that of all things metaphysical. Ever since she was a little girl, she was peculiarly intrigued - she can remember her crystal collection, tarot card decks, dream catchers, voodoo dolls, ghost stories & astrology books, and an incredible fascination with all things related to Egypt - all by the age of 9. She has kept this passion going throughout her life, although intensifying more & more everyday since the year of 2016. Jess believes to be Bastet, Ancient Egyptian Goddess, reincarnated. She was given the gift of psychic, mediumship, & healing abilities, and she is learning how to strengthen her gifts more & more everyday. She is currently enrolled in The Center for Intuitive Living's Psychic Development course taught by Echo Bodine in Minneapolis. 

Before we end the topic on passions, allow me to simply say two words - Britney Spears.

Jessica was born left-handed, but was forced by her pre-school teacher to use her right. - She finds it impossible to hold a pen or silverware correctly, and blames it on that, hehe. Jess also has never been able to whistle or snap her fingers. She was born & raised in Northeast Minneapolis, and is the youngest out of a very small family, including only her mom, dad, sister, and one living grandmother. Jessica dreams of having children one day to experience a big, loving, and supportive family environment.

Her favorite color is BURPLE - a mix of blue & purple :)

Meet Jessica's Assistant, Fafi


Fafi is a 5 year old Pomeranian. She enjoys napping, glute kickbacks, and following Jess around the gym all day - she doesn't go anywhere that Jess doesn't go - unless there are treats!


Certified Personal Trainer - Fitness Nutrition Specialist - Holistic Health Specialist - First Aid/CRP/AED Certified - International Pro Elite Bikini Professional Athlete & Champion - Competition Prep Coach - Posing Coach - Hair & Makeup Artist - Lightworker - Wellness & Life Coach - Psychic Medium - Healer - Empath - Starsteed - Tarot Reader - INFP - Scorpio Sun - Leo Moon - Aquarius Rising - with education from: NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine  - American Red Cross - Empire Beauty School - The Center For Intuitive Living - & Multiple Lifetimes

Jessica is sponsored by:

  (Team Swole Inc.'s first & only sponsored athlete!)

(Team Swole Inc.'s first & only sponsored athlete!)

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*Mention Jessica's name for a 20% off discount!*

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*Mention Jessica's name for a $10 off discount!*