Q: Do you just work with competitors?

A: NO! I work with ANYONE & EVERYONE! Whether you're male or female.. overweight or underweight.. interested in losing weight or gaining weight.. experienced athlete or complete newbie.. I am here for you.

Q: What is your training style?

A: The way I train one person may vary drastically from how I train another. It is one of the things I pride myself on the most. I have the heart, patience & knowledge to recognize that what works for one person, does not necessarily work for another. 

Q: I'm unsure of which program is right for me?

A: Please email and I would be happy to assist you.

Q: I've never worked with a trainer before, how do I begin this process?

A: No worries! :) I have worked with many beginners, and was also one in the past, so I can relate to the nervous & hesitant feeling you may currently be experiencing. Remember, nothing truly great ever came from a comfort zone! Rest assured you're in great hands. I am laid-back, empathetic, and I am by your side to support you the entire way! And remember, nothing truly great ever came from a comfort zone. You may begin by submitting the form under the WORK WITH JESSICA tab, or by simply emailing me at 

Q: I submitted my form days ago and haven't received a response?

A: I sincerely apologize! I am not perfect, and sometimes when I'm busy in the gym all day long with clients, I get behind on emails & writing plans. Please trust that I WILL get back to you, and once the ball gets rolling, it will be magic! 

Q: Which time-frames are available for in-person training sessions?

A: I am typically at the gym every single day, excluding Saturday's, from 9am-9pm. If you need an earlier or later time, I am willing to work with you. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Yes! Just ask :) I understand that not everyone is easily able to fit the fees into their budget, but I refuse to allow finances to be added to the list of things holding you back! I am willing to work out a do-able plan for anyone who kindly asks.

ALSO, the longer a client trains with me and/or the stronger relationship we build, I will frequently cut down costs, sometimes even for free. I mean it when I say that my clients are like family!

Q: Do I have to pay up front for package pricing?

A: Yes, to take advantage of the discounted rates in the special packages, the full amount is required at once.

Q: Do you require your clients to sign a contract?

A: No. I believe in being free. If for some reason you must end our training relationship, I understand and will continue to support you.

Q: How often will I need to purchase a new meal plan?

A: That is completely dependent upon the individual and their unique situation. Although, it typically ranges from 6-8 weeks. 

Q: How soon can I expect my plan after purchasing?

A: This depends upon how busy I am at the time of purchase, although typically expect approximately 1 week.

Q: If I experienced a long wait time, should I assume this is the norm?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Seasons change and somedays I am busier than others. Some have had their plans in hand within the day, and some upwards to a month. Although the pace may change, one thing does not.. and that is the fact that I am a perfectionist, and more importantly, I truly CARE about the service I am providing you. No matter how busy I am, I will NEVER rush through writing your plan. Please keep in mind that I am just one person running this business, and patience is a virtue. ;)

Furthermore, once an individual becomes a client of mine, they are then not only a client, but family. I prioritize all of my current clients' needs first, by responding to them before my potential clients, and on faster terms via text message.

Q: Will you train me out of my home gym?

A: Yes, for an extra fee. (amount dependent upon location/milage.)

Q: Will you travel out of state to do my Competition Hair & Makeup?

A: Yes, if travel fees & accommodations are paid.

Q: How many clients do you have?

A:  I do not keep a head count of my clients. They are not numbers, but beautiful souls of which I consider myself extremely lucky to have in my life.

Q: Do you pose any categories other than bikini?

A: I have kept my focus on Bikini, since it is obviously my expertise, BUT with that being said, I pride myself on being able to offer EVERYTHING to my clients, and it always saddened me in the past when I had to send a Figure client to another posing coach, SO I have spent the last year (on top of my many other years of experience in the bodybuilding industry) sharpening my knowledge on Figure posing. So to answer the question, YES, I now pose Figure competitors in addition to Bikini. 

Q: Which types of payment do you accept?

A: I accept Cash, Checks, & Credit through Venmo & PayPal

Venmo username: @JessicaRoscoe

PayPal username:

If your question wasn't listed above, feel free to email for an answer.