Client Testimonials

“Jessica is one of the most down to earth trainers I have ever worked with! It can be intimidating starting with a trainer and she does a great job making you feel comfortable and pushes your limit every. single. time! She knows exactly what she’s doing when training and creates a program specifically for YOUR BODY. Every training session is always something different and I’ve never not been sore after a workout. She is also very detail oriented with meal plans, workout plans and posing! She is driven, goes above and beyond and is one of the most selfless people I ever met! Not only a trainer but also a great friend!”

— Brittany g.

“Jess has been amazing to work with over the past few months and I cannot recommend her highly enough - 5 Stars, A++! You can tell that she truly loves what she does and really cares about her clients. I’ve been doing personal training sessions once a week, received a workout plan recently and two different meal plans (one for my not-so-meat-centric self); she’s extremely through and knowledgeable in what she teaches and I can’t wait to continue to learn more from her!”

— Andrea s.

“I posed with Jess for 2 different shows. I can’t even begin to tell you how much she truly helped my posing but more importantly she helped to improve my self esteem! Every time we posed I became more confident, walked a little taller and found that “girlyness” I wasn’t sure I could even embody. She led me to a 2nd place finish at my last show and I know without a doubt had I not had her by my side I would have never been able to achieve that. 
Jess is an amazing woman, trainer, coach and most importantly one of my dearest friends. If you want to show off your body in the best possible way on stage, go with Jess, you will not be disappointed.”

— Lyndsay h.

“Having never worked with a personal trainer before; as well as no experience with weight training, I had no idea what to expect when I first started working with Jessica. The experience I’ve had has been absolutely nothing short of amazing. She knows how to push you to get the results you are looking for, as well as keep you accountable checking in with you often. I would highly recommend anyone to her!”

— Johnna v.

“I have been training with Jessica for about 5 months and have had such a blast and have seen amazing results. Jessica really works with you on your diet and work outs to get what you want. She pushes you to the limit and having her by my side really motivates me to push one more rep! She is very laid back and easy to understand. I also have to say she is one of the most caring trainers I have ever worked with. She is always making sure I’m ok and that I’m ready for the session. She is also very flexible with training session times and days. She wants you to get in and train so she will work with your schedule! I would definitely recommend Jessica to anyone who is ready to work hard and have a good time doing it.”

— ajdina m.

“I have driven almost 4 hours one way to take Bikini posing lessons with Jessica. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to what the judges are looking for and all of the posing rules. Most importantly, she was able to bring out the confidence in me. My first competition concluded with an overall bikini win and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her guidance. Jessica rocks!”

- Jill L.

“Working with Jessica taught me how to properly nourish my body to see the results I wanted, which is one of the most challenging things I’ve tried to do. She is sweet, kind, caring, and listens to your needs as a client. Jessica is a great coach and a great role model, and quite a rare find.”

-Mary S.

“Let me first say that Jessica has made an immense impact on my fitness journey. I competed in my first bikini competition last October with limited outside guidance aside from posing. The only information I used was from the internet. I followed different competitor’s plans which I knew wasn’t right for me because everybody has a different body. I decided that the next time I competed, I was going to find a coach. During my search, I stumbled upon Jessica’s IG. I was so incredibly impressed with her physique and her inspiring posts. One day, she posted about accepting clients for competing and personal trainer. Soon after that, I started training with her. She set me up with a custom meal plan and training regiment. Training with her became the highlight of my week. I competed in my second show with her as my coach and ended up getting 1st place in my height class! It was such an incredible experience. I am so happy that I chose Jessica to be with me on my journey. She was there for me 100% during my prep. She pushed me to be my best. She is also extremely knowledgable, such a sweetheart, and has become a great friend. I know for a fact that she is passionate about what she does and the clients she works with. I can NOT recommend her enough!”

— Whitney s.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica for over a year now. I had never formally trained or belonged to a gym before and my level was very much novice. Jessica was able to make me feel comfortable in the gym which was huge for me. I keep coming back because she is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. I have gotten great results and Jessica always makes sure that I am feeling content with the progress I have made. She is encouraging and makes you believe you can actually do the lifts she sets up. I have been able to overcome a lot of my own issues with my body by working with and being encouraged by her. I highly recommend her as a trainer.”

— CHristian m.

“Jessica is a fantastic trainer, diet planner and person! I’ve seen amazing results between our weekly sessions and meal plans that she has made to specifically meet my goals! I have always enjoyed lifting but she has been a catalyst in my progression by pushing me during each session as well as better educating me on fitness, proper meal planning and fun routines! She is truly special inside and out!!”

-Courtney J.

“With Jessica Roscoe as a coach, you are forced to harbor the yearning to succeed. Whether or not you come to her with a lack of self-confidence, with an abundance of doubt, or maybe you’re just scared of attaining something so great for yourself for the first time such as fitness, Jessica Roscoe eradicates all of it just with her smile upon first meeting her. Her kindness disseminates in the room and you feel, immediately, like you’re with a friend (A friend who happens to be super smart, experienced, and at the top of her profession) but it is comfortable. You never experience self consciousness, you never experience a sense of not belonging, what you do experience is the sense of a new beginning that you perfectly fit in with. Her knowledge is second to none, her accomplishments are a mile long in this industry, so if you’re looking for a trainer, posing coach, or nutritionist, you might just want to see Jess. Not only are you gaining results and a credible professional, but you’re also gaining a friend. What’s better than beginning a fitness journey than with your friend?”

— remington l.

“I met Jessica almost a year ago, the results I have from working with her are both mentally and physically are life changing. She makes me feel comfortable and motivated. I will continue to work with her and suggest everyone to work with her. Stepping out of comfort zone to contact her was the best decision.”

-Brittany R.